The Fruit and Vegetable Inventory is an evaluation tool for nutrition education programs serving low-income communities. The content is mediators of fruit and vegetable behavior change. These mediators include: perceived benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, perceived control, self-efficacy for serving and eating fruits and vegetables, readiness to eat more fruit, readiness to eat more vegetables, and perceived diet quality. The 2-page tool is available for download or professional printing at the link provided. In Instruction Guide is available for administering this tool.

The validation study for this tool is documented in two journal papers:

Townsend MS, Kaiser LL.  Development of an evaluation tool to assess psychosocial indicators of
fruit and vegetable intake for two federal programs.
J Nutrition Education & Behav
ior.  2005;37:170-184.  

Townsend MS, Kaiser LL.  Brief psychosocial fruit and vegetable tool is sensitive for United
States Department of Agriculture’s nutrition education programs.  J Am Diet Assoc.


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