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What is EatFit?

EatFit is designed to improve the dietary and physical activity behaviors of middle school students, as well as improve knowledge of the California Department of Education content standards for math and English-language arts. The EatFit package includes a magazine style workbook for every student, teacher curriculum, a website and dietary analysis found at, evaluation tools, slides, and marketing information. The curriculum contains nine hands-on, experiential lessons. Topics include goal setting, label reading, fast food, breakfast, exercise, energy balance and advertising. EatFit engages students in a personal self-assessment of eating and physical activity behaviors using Based on the results, students set goals using “guided goal setting” principles. The curriculum provides skill-building activities to help reach those goals.

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The EatFit workbooks are available in English. Order one per youth.

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EatFit Research

California Content Standards

This study is important because it is the first to document nutrition education’s impact on academic performance. These results should help staff with school recruitment

This paper should help other Coordinators/Directors with developing their own standards-driven evaluation tool.
Eatfit Development

We developed this new method for our curriculum Eatfit

We use this curriculum with 6th-8th grade students in EFNEP, CalFresh and SNAP-Ed

We adapted the diet analysis software used by the EFNEP reporting system for our Eatfit web-based software for adolescents

A review of the goal setting methodological research base for Eatfit curriculum. Includes a review for adults, adolescents and children.

We used the results of this and the next studies to support Eatfit’s Lesson 8 on media.

Eatfit Evaluation

Shilts MK, Townsend MS. A Goal Setting Intervention Positively Impacts Adolescents’ Dietary Behaviors and Physical Activity Self-Efficacy.  J Youth Development 2012; 7(4): 92-108.


Shilts MK, Horowitz M, Townsend MS.  Effectiveness of guided goal setting in a dietary and physical activity intervention with low-income adolescents.  Int J Adolesc Med Health: 2009; 20(1):111-122.


 Shilts M, Smith D, Ontai L, Townsend MS.  Evidence to support the use of the retrospective pretest method to measure dietary behavior and self-efficacy in adolescents.  J Youth Development 2008;3(1):article 080301RS002

Eatfit Logic Model




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